How to look up reserve items using Tripod

1. Go to Tripod

2. Hover over where it says B | H | S Libraries at the top right of the screen (underneath the login)

3. Click on the Reserves button

4. Select the appropriate field ("Professor" or "Course Name") and enter in the title of the course that the item is on reserve for or the name of the professor teaching the course. Keep in mind that searching by course is often quicker.

Despite the website's instruction, it's often best to search like so:

  • If searching by professor: use the Professor's last name and optionally their first initial instead of their full first name (this is because sometimes a professor may only be in the system under their last name and first initial)
  • If searching by course: search by the course number (MUS 100 or Music 100) instead of the title of the course ("Music appreciation") as the full title of the course is sometimes abbreviated or not in the system.

5. If multiple results come up on your search, ask for clarifying information from the patron. If you searched by professor, you'll need the name of the course to narrow it down. If you searched by course, you'll need the name of the professor. 

6. After opening the correct link, either read off the titles or move the monitor so the patron can see them. At that points, it's up to them.