Weekly outline

  • Course Resources

  • September 2 - September 3

    Topics: Introductions, WAing 101: Course WAing 

  • September 9 - September 10

    Topic: Beginning the WAing and Writing Process

    --Seminar Leader: Jill

    --Seminar Break: Zequn Li (M), Abby (Tu)

  • September 16 - September 17

    Topics: Providing Written Feedback, Purpose of Writing at College

    --Seminar Leader: Jill

    --Seminar Break: Ian (M), Tara (Tu)

  • September 23 - September 24

    Topic: Conferencing 

    (WAIT Mentor Visit)

    --Seminar Leaders: Anya and Emma (M), David (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Rachel and Michelle (M), Sabrina (Tu)

    Due: Final Draft of Paper #1. Bring hard copy to class.

  • September 30 - October 1

    Topics: Responding to Written Arguments, Role of Audience in the WAing and Writing Process

    --Seminar Leaders: Zack and Daniel (M), Kathy and Abby (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Nicholas (M), Kathy (Tu)

  • October 7 - October 8

    Topic: Culture and Language within the Writing Process

    --Seminar Leaders: Nicholas and Rachel (M), Tyler and Tara (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Louis (M), Joy and Diondra (Tu)

  • October 14 - October 15

    FALL BREAK: No Class

  • October 21 - October 22

    Topics: WAing Across the Disciplines, Working with Organization and Logic

    (WAIT Mentor Visit)

    --Seminar Leader: Jill

    --Seminar Break: Jill

  • October 28 - October 29

    Topics: Research Writing, Working with Introductions and Conclusions

    --Seminar Leaders: Ariel and Louis (M), Zoe and Joy (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Emma and Daniel (M), Zoe (Tu)

    Due: First Draft of Paper #2

  • November 4 - November 5

    Topic: One Size Does Not Fit All: Incorporating learning styles into your WAing

    (WAIT Mentor Visit)

    --Seminar Leaders: Rose and Ashley (M), Diondra and Josh (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Rose and Anya (M), David and Mike (Tu)

  • November 11 - November 12

    Topic: Ethics in WAing

    --Seminar Leaders: Michelle and Quetzal (M), Jesse and Mike (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Ariel (M), Tyler (Tu)

  • November 18 - November 19

    Topic: Technology

    --Seminar Leaders: Ian (M), Sabrina (Tu)

    --Seminar Break: Ashley and Quetzal (M), Jesse and Josh (Tu)

  • November 25 - November 26

    Topic: The WA Program in the Big Picture

    --Seminar Leader: Jill

    --Seminar Break: Jill

  • December 2 - December 3

    Topic: Final Presentations

  • December 9 - December 20

    Topic: Final conferences