Stream the Maya Lin documentary online using this link

~ 80 minutes.  View beforehand, to discuss in class Oct.  10.  Note: this link will take you to the Proxy server in Tripod, then you'll need to login using your Swarthmore system ID and password.  The video window should then appear.  

If you eventually want to quote from the words used in the documentary, the small-screen setting on the right of the video window will give you a running transcript of the words said.   Check it for accuracy, though....   Or you can just hit the pause button and write down what you heard.  That's what I usually do :) 

Director:  Freida Lee Mock; released in 2013.  It's amazing how young Maya Lin was when she came up with the design for the Vietnam Veterans' memorial—and also impressive is the inner strength she summoned when her now-revered design faced a firestorm of backlash. 

You may find lots of other info on the Web on Maya Lin's life and career since that time—including her installations commemorating environmentalism and other important events, such as the history of women students at Yale, her Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in Selma, etc.  Check them out!