Here's a copy of the "scanning iambic pentameter" exercises handed out in class on Oct. 9

And here are the 4 kinds of 2-syllable metric feet we discussed/reviewed yesterday too.  Bold = strong stress; not bold = weaker stress.  Note also how in the examples below "metric feet" can cover 2 syllables within a word or 2 syllables counted over 2 words.  When measuring 2-syllable feet, each set of 2 syllables in a line count as a metric foot; the rhythmic units aren't necessary the same as the word units.

iambic =  weak, strong ("To strive" / Tennyson)

trochee =  strong, weak  ("Romans" / Shakespeare)

spondee = strong, strong ("Moans round" Tennyson)

pyrrhic = weak, weak (the third and fourth syllables in "Innumerable" / Wordsworth)

Click Scanning iambic pentameter exercises.docx link to view the file.