3 poems by Peter Schmidt (yours truly)

  • "So What?" is a meditation troubled by the human-centric assumptions that have grounded so much "Nature" poetry, and trying to imagine an alternative.  (As do Merwin, Oliver, Szymborska, and other poets we're reading this semester.)  "So What?" will download using this link.  For the other 2, see the files below.
  • "Chicxulub" is inspired by comparing our current ongoing Extinction to the Extinction caused by an asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater near Yucatan and killed many many species, including the dinosaurs.  Want to learn more? See the link below to a short article published on 10-21-19: new scientific results just announced.
  • "Rexx Imperator" is a satire inspired by recent actions by the fossil fuel industry, the Standing Rock protests in North Dakota, the industry's global network of drilling sites, etc.  "Rex imperator" means "absolute ruler" in Latin, basically, and is also a pun on the name of Rex Tillerson, Trump's former Secretary of State and past and present CEO of Exxon.

Click So What?.docx link to view the file.