Prof. Andriotti describes problematic patterns of representation and engagement (see 4:06 for HEADS UP framework: hegemonic, ethnocentric, ahistorical, depoliticized, salvationist, uncomplicated, paternalistic) in Deep Adaptation and Climate Justice 2019: Climate Change and Inequalities. Identify one or more of  these problematic patterns that were raised in the CRCQL Zoom meeting and/or “The 2 Sides to Chester’s Environmental Problems.” What do these patterns make possible (enable)? What do these patterns make impossible (constrain)? How might these patterns be disrupted and by whom? Record examples, quotes, and ideas.

Which key components of the Deep Adaptation agenda (resilience, relinquishment, restoration, and reconciliation) did you notice during the CRCQL meeting? Record examples/quotes of each of the four Rs and bring these with you to class. Which were not demonstrated? What do you think about that?


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