In class, you’ll be posed the following questions so please come prepared to share your insights with the class. 


  1. “Food security” is often described as consistent and dependable access to adequate, safe, and nutritious food for an active and healthy life. For a region to be food secure, it must have an adequate, stable supply of food even during drought and other difficult conditions; and its people must be able to locate and afford food, even in the presence of an abundant supply. In Chester: What are the causes and consequences of food insecurity? Who is impacted by food insecurity? What is causing food insecurity to persist? Who stands to benefit from persistent food insecurity? Why do you think the challenge of food insecurity is so persistent? 


  1. Describe one of the interventions aimed at decreasing food insecurity in Chester. What are some of the strengths and limitations therein? To what extent do these approaches “work” in creating food security? Do they have any unintended negative consequences? For whom? Who or what is not being served and what is missing to bridge that gap?


  1. The term "food system" refers to the people, activities, resources and outcomes involved in getting food from “field to plate,” in addition to preparing, eating and digesting food. Major activities in the food system include production, processing, distribution, retail and consumption. Outcomes in the food system include the effects of these activities on public health, equity and the environment. What might/should a sustainable food system in Chester look like? 

 If it's helpful for you to have a specific question to respond to as you write your journal assignment, then choose one of the technical or “expert” responses to poverty (the root cause of food insecurity) covered in the #GlobalPOV Project video. In what way(s) did the solution succeed and/or cause further challenges? What lessons can be learned from those efforts, and perhaps applied to the context of Chester?  

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