Here you will find your assigned placements with the Chester organization who will host you for the internship component of this course. You will notice that some of you are paired at the same location which will provide each of you with built-in support as you navigate your internship experience. As a reminder, the weekly internship commitment is an average of 6 hours/week. The end date for internships will coincide with the last day of classes for fall semester, Dec. 4th.

Ashley will directly connect each of you to your internship supervisor via email after which you should immediately follow-up to schedule your first meeting to discuss the type and scope of your work for this semester. We encourage you to share your interests freely with your supervisor so that a good match can be made between your academic interests and personal skills and the organizations' needs.

IMPORTANT: If your work involves interaction with minors, you must obtain ACT 153 Clearances before beginning your internship. Students may see which clearances they have on file with Swarthmore by looking at the Act 153 section of Student Documents, in their mySwarthmore accounts. Instructions for completing the clearance process can be found in the ACT 153 Clearances folder on the course general page.

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