Tomorrow at 3:30 pm, 3D Scanning!

Tomorrow at 3:30 pm, 3D Scanning!

by Jacqueline Tull -
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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful break. We are in our newly renovated Makerspace in Whittier Hall! It is very exciting but also still a work in progress, so please bear with us as we resolve our ongoing work to finish the space.

For our final learning session tomorrow, we will be learning how to use the 3D scanner. If you would like to bring an object to try to 3D scan, I recommend something you can hold with one hand, has volume, is opaque (not transparent), and matte surface (non-reflective). Lighter colors also work best (mid to light tones). 

This will be our last demo session. Next week I will have an open session available for anyone that would like help with assembly, 3D modeling, or using any of the other technology we discussed throughout the series. Unfortunately the laser cutter will take at least the rest of this week to get up and running as ventilation still needs to be installed.

I know this semester has been demanding and some of you have had to prioritize other academic or work needs. If I don't see you tomorrow or next week, I hope that you will use the Makerspace resources as you find time and found some of the series helpful.

See you tomorrow in Whittier Hall!