E12 Exam 4

E12 Exam 4

by Erik Cheever -
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Exam 4 will be on Thursday, 5/17, 9:00-12:00.

This exam is roughly the same length as the others, so you should have plenty of time to finish.

There will be a review session Wednesday from 11:00-1:00 in Hicks 211.  Come with questions - I will not have anything prepared, but you can ask about anything that is still unclear.

If you go to the course web page and look under assignments I  have added some example problems (and solutions).  You should also check the books on reserve for E12 in the library for more examples.  In particular, the Ogata book has a whole section of worked out problems (called "A problems" - the "B problems" have no solution).

You can bring a one page formula sheet.  I will give you the sheet describing going from Transfer Function to state space (CCF).

You may bring a calculator

Old exams are posted on course google drive folder.

Topics on exam concentrate on last couple weeks of semester - state space, connection between Transfer function/Bode/Pole Zero/Step...  If there is any question dealing with thermal systems, I will give you the equivalent electrical circuit, so you can treat it as an electrical problem (with no inductors).