Exam 3 on Wednesday

Exam 3 on Wednesday

by Erik Cheever -
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Exam 3 will be on Wednesday, April 25th.

You can start the exam at 8:20 so you have a full hour, but it ends exactly at 9:20 so the next class can come in.

There will be a review session Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:00 in the evening, in Hicks 211.  Come with questions - I will not have anything prepared, but you can ask about anything that is still unclear.

If you go to the course web page and look under assignments I  will add some example problems (and solutions).  You should also check the books on reserve for E12 in the library for more examples.  In particular, the Ogata book has a whole section of worked out problems (called "A problems" - the "B problems" have no solution).

You can bring a one page formula sheet.  I will give you a table of Fourier Transforms and Properties.

You may bring a calculator

Old exams are posted on course google drive folder.

Topics on quiz cover up through the assignment due on Monday, April 23, but will concentrate on material since the second exam (solution by eigenvalue/vector, Fourier Series, Fourier Transform, Sinusoidal Steady State and Bode.