Circ Manual

13. Holds and Recalls

Placing Holds

Holds are placed on items that are located at either of the other two TriCo campus libraries. You may place holds on books through either the CHECK-OUT or SEARCH/HOLD function in Millennium. We do not place holds for items located on this campus.

We don’t accept hold requests over the phone. Patrons can place holds themselves using the REQUEST button in Tripod, or they can request them in person. The only exception is that we will place ‘holds’ for Alum if they are in the library. 

Items requested from Haverford or Bryn Mawr usually arrive the day after it is requested.  There are two TriCo van runs daily during the week and one on Saturday and Sunday.  There can be delays for items requested from branch libraries.  Sometimes items are just hard to find and take several days.

Not all items are holdable and not all patrons are allowed to place holds. If Tripod won’t let you do something, ask a staff member. (For example, visitors cannot request items from Haverford and Bryn Mawr.)



If a patron places a hold on an item that it checked out to another patron, a recall is automatically generated. Tripod will determine a new due date for the item, and a recall notice will be sent to the patron to whom the book is checked out. It is important to let the requesting patron know that it is checked out and the hold cannot be filled until the item has been returned. The wait time for a recall to be returned can range from 5 days to 2 weeks, depending on when the book was initially checked out.

All books are subject to recall and all recalls must be honored. If a patron indicates they still need an item that has been recalled from them, they must return it but may recall it for further use. There are daily fines for overdue recalls.

Always refer any problems to a Staff person.