Circ Manual

12. Fines


The library assesses fines and/or penalty points to encourage patrons to use library materials responsibly and to allow equitable access.

Library privileges are automatically blocked if:

  • an account exceeds the limit of monetary fines
  • account has more than the defined number of items checked out
  • an account has passed the expiration date
  • a student has been determined ineligible per the Registrar’s list

Student may lose Interlibrary Loan privileges if that service is abused.

**Fine policies**


Penalty Points

In lieu of monetary fines, Penalty Points are accrued if Reserve materials are returned late. One Penalty Point is accrued for every hour or part of an hour that a Reserve item is returned late.  Once a student accrues 20 penalty points, overnight privileges are blocked for 14 days.

If borrowing privileges are abused, students may be subject to discipline by the Dean’s Office. Particularly blatant or chronic misuse of reserve materials would be an example of behavior that would result in contacting the Dean.


Fine Collection

Fines are collected at the Circ desk terminal only. It’s very important to be accurate when collecting fines.

Follow these steps:

  • clear patrons’ fines in Tripod
  • write the amount collected on the cash log
  • print out the payment slip and attach onto the clipboard