Circ Manual

11. Photocopiers


There are two photocopiers in McCabe located on Level 1 near the Honors section.  The copiers accept either cash (coin or paper) or cards.  They reduce and enlarge, adjust for light/dark, have document feeders. One copier has a beveled edge and is good for thick books or journals and books in bad shape. Copies cost 15¢ per page using cash and 10¢ per page using a copy card.

Paper jams can be cleared easily by checking the display and following the directions. Look at the instructions inside the cabinet to see how to clear the jam.  Refer all other problems with copiers to Staff.


Copy Cards

Copy Cards are sold at the Circulation Desk for $1. Make a record on the cash log for every card sold. Once the patron has bought a card they may add value to the card via the machine. Cards should never have more than $20 on them or the machines will not read them. All cash put into the machine will be added to the card; the machine will not make change for card users.  Encourage patrons to write their name on the back of their card.

Some academic departments and faculty have pre-purchased cards. These cards are kept in a box in the drawer below the cash drawer at the Circulation Desk. The cards are filed alphabetically by department/name. Patrons must sign and date the accompanying card to validate use. 

To add money to a department copy card use the Copy Card Receipts form found in the file drawer. Fill in the information and have the person and a Staff sign and date the form. Put the receipt in the cash drawer and give the person the proper denomination of money (usually $10.00) from the cash drawer which they can use to recharge the card at the machine.