Circ Manual

9. Honors Seminars

Honors Books

All Honors Seminar materials are located on Level I against the back wall beyond the Circulation Desk. The Honors Seminars are arranged in alphabetic order by the course name and then number (ARTH 136, ECON 141, PSYC 106, etc).  The books are shelved alphabetically by title within their seminar.

All seminar materials are shelved in this area whether the seminar is currently active or not. If active, the books circulate overnight and are due in by 1:00 pm the following day. If the seminar is not active, the books circulate like regular stack book (i.e. 28 days). All seminars become active as of April 1 of every year.

Honors books and materials must be checked in and out at the Reserve Desk. 


Shelving Honors Books 

Confirm that all books on the wooden Honors truck in fact belong to an Honors Seminar. Be sure to remove any book that belongs in General Reserve. Each book must have a WHITE label as well as a ROUND BLUE HONORS label attached to the spine.  The label will include the seminar name/number as well as the BOOK TITLE and the barcode #. 

Separate the books into seminars then sort alphabetically BY TITLE within each seminar. Incorporate any items from the Honors sorting shelf onto your truck. Also, tidy the area as you go, returning any mislaid Honors books to their proper location. In addition, if you spot any stray library materials – journals or books that are NOT checked out – return them to the sorting area in Circ. 


If the book still has a card in it, give it to a Staff person to process before shelving.


Always report any problem areas to a Staff person.