Circ Manual

8. Closing

Preparing to close the library:

  • 30 minutes before closing, ring buzzer (on the panel to right of circulation station), do cash register count 
  • 15 minutes before closing, ring buzzer, lock all but middle two doors, unlock the bookdrop, put away coffee urn
  • 10 minutes before closing, ring buzzer, ensure that all Laptop computers have been returned and checked in. 
    •  Remove all paper money and checks from the cash drawer. Slide them into the slot on the top of the safe door (small black box) which is located below the reserve desk.
    • Lock the filing cabinet to the right of the circ desk (key labeled "K")
    • Lock the two drawers above the laptop cabinet
    • If all the laptops are back, lock the laptop cabinet and put the laptop cabinet key in the cash drawer.
    • Once the laptop cabinet key is back in the cash drawer, lock the cash drawer (key labeled "C") and slide the keys into the slot on the top of the safe door
  • 5 minutes before closing, ring buzzer, turn off lights above circ desk and ITS desk (two lightswitches to the right of the buzzer panel)

 Straighten up the reserve area. Leave desk areas as neat as possible. Place date due cards for the following day in the bins.


At Closing:

  • Ring the buzzer one last time.
  • Turn off lights by Circ’s back door.
  • Make sure the back door is closed.
  • Lock the middle front door.
  • Walk through the building looking for stragglers (have one person each take levels 3, 2, and Lower Level).
  • Turn off all switches for levels 3, 2, and Lower Level.
  • Dial 8281 and tell Public Safety that you're about to lock up. Also tell them whether or not Environmental Services (the cleaner) is in the building.