Circ Manual

3. Customer Service Guidelines

Always greet patrons.

Help out at the Reserve Desk if Circ is quiet and Reserve is not.

Respect patron confidentiality at all times. Any and all information in a patron’s record is private and protected by law.

Give out no more than $3 in quarters or $5 in one-dollar bills.  Give this change out regardless of whether or not they’re making copies, doing laundry, etc. Do not accept anything larger than a $20. 

Encourage patrons with General services needs to approach the Circ end of the desk as opposed to the Reserve desk.


Telephone Procedures

The phone at the Circulation Desk is the main line into the Library.

Phones are for library business. Avoid making or receiving personal calls. Keep calls brief. Do not let patrons use the phones. Direct them to the phone near the elevator.

If a patron calls to ask whether we have a specific title or periodical, you can check for them provided you are not busy. Avoid reading call numbers over the phone. Refer patrons to the Research & Information desk for more complicated searches.

To put On Hold: You may need to ask a supervisor a question while taking a call. Instead of covering the phone with your hand, simply put the call on hold. First, tell the person on the line that you are putting them on hold, then push HOLD. To return to the call, push RESUME (the exact button where it said HOLD previously).

To Transfer: Many calls will have to be transferred to the appropriate office or department.  A list of the McCabe Staff, as well as a few other important numbers, are located on the counter near the phone.  To transfer a call, push TRANSFER, enter the number, push TRANSFER again then hang up.


Checking In

Make sure date-due cards are removed from checked-in books. File date-due cards in the right place after use.

Keep the sorting shelves neat.

Check in everything promptly. Look for specific locations on the screen. Keep the book returns empty.

Library books and equipment are expensive.  Treat them with care.


Staff Referral

Please refer patrons to a staff person if you can’t help them. Don’t try to guess the appropriate procedures or policy.

Ask questions.  No one is expected to know everything. 

Leave notes on staff's desk regarding any problems, questions, or observations. Most problems and mistakes can be corrected if staff is informed.

Use your best judgment.  We trust you to do your best but don’t expect you to take on more responsibility than necessary.

Staff members’ desks and computers are off-limits.

Do not bring food or drink to your shift.

Do not discuss the Library’s security system with other student workers or with anyone outside the library. Any details you may discover about it should be kept confidential.