Circ Manual

2. At the Desk

Desk Behavior:

A desk assignment is usually only one- two hours long.  Set aside that time to be attentive to patrons and desk operations.

Be aware of visitor patrons and ask them to sign the Guest Book.

Empty the Book Drop during your opening shift. Do not leave an unkempt work area for the next shift.

Distractions = Mistakes.

Most errors occur during the check-in process. Pay attention to the screen and be mindful of any pop-up messages and item locations.

Refer to Customer Service guidelines.

Workspace Maintenance:

Always be mindful of how approachable you are while at the desk. We encourage you to be as approachable as possible.

The desk should not be cluttered with personal homework. Reading is acceptable during slow times. Do not come to work expecting to do your homework while at the desk.

Please limit the time spent chatting as this can make the desk unapproachable for other patrons.

Do not use laptops or other devices, such as headphones, while at the desk. You may use them while shelving books or doing tasks in the stacks.

Please keep Alma and Tripod readily available on the Circulation computer. Do not let email or homework monopolize the computer screen when it is needed for library business.