Closing procedure

McCabe Library Closing Procedure 

45 Minutes Before

  • Neatly wrap up chargers
  • Neatly wrap up headphones
  • Turn off all laptops
  • Put cases on DVDs with “Lock” stickers
  • Turn on Friends Library light (on big light switch panel)


30 Minutes Before

  •  Buzzer


15 Minutes Before

  • Buzzer
  • Uncover outside book drop (flip up canvas cover to expose slots)
  • Lock all six front doors, but leave the Handicapped Accessible door unlocked
  • Coffee Area:
    • Unplug coffee urn, switch it off, and return it to the closet behind the coffee & snack counter
    • Close and lock the two wooden shutters of the coffee & snack counter
    • Put basket of creamer in the fridge
    • Lock closet door


10 Minutes Before

  • Buzzer
  • Turn off floor lamps in lobby, desk lights over computers, table lamps in lounge


5 Minutes Before

  • Buzzer
  • Turn off two light switches to the right of the big light switch panel (for ceiling lights over circ & ITS desks)
  • Lock all electronics drawers by the reserve desk using Reserve Desk Drawer keys (kept in cash drawer)
  • Put these keys in cash drawer
  • Remove cash and Circ Desk Drawers keys from cash drawer
  • Lock cash drawer and locker key cabinet with Circ Desk Drawers key
  • Put these keys and cash in safe by sliding them through the slot at the top (safe is on bottom right of the wooden built-in bookcase by User Tech Support staff’s desk)


Closing Time

  • Buzzer  Buzzer  Even More Buzzer
  • Lock Handicapped Accessible door
  • Walk through lower level, 2nd floor, 3rd floor
    • Turn off all room lights and lamps
    • Check all rooms for stragglers – even restrooms!
    • Check behind closed stacks on lower level
  • After the walk through, turn off light switches on big panel for lower level, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and atrium
  • Call Public Safety at (8281). Tell them (1) your name, (2) that you are closing McCabe, and (3) whether an EVS (cleaning) person is in the building
  • Lock Handicapped Accessible door behind you on your way out
  • Drop Building keys into outside book drop