All you ever wanted to know about booking reserve items

Rules for booking general reserve items

  1. General Reserve items may be BOOKED in person, at the desk, or online.
  2. No more than 2 bookings for the same time.
  3. Overnight bookings start at 9:30pm (and 4:30pm on Saturdays!)
  4. Bookings are held for 20 minutes or until 9:30pm.


Bonus! instructions for patrons placing bookings through Tripod:

  1.  Look up title on the course reserve list and double click on it OR look up title directly in Tripod.
  2. Click on “Book this item” button.
  3. Type in name and barcode from ID card.
  4. Fill in booking date and time and submit information.
  5. Confirmation screen should appear.