Circ Manual

10. Laptops and DVD Players


The library has laptop computers which circulate to Swarthmore students only.  Each Laptop comes in a case and has its own power cord and locking device.  These items come as one parcel and can only be checked out as a ‘package’. All three (3) items are barcoded and therefore must be checked out and checked back in.


The parameters for Laptop circulation are:

  • the patron must be a Swarthmore Student
  • they must fill out the ‘Laptop/DVD  Agreement Form’
  • they must not have message in patron record that says ‘Not Eligible to Check Out Laptops’  
  • Laptops circulate for 4 hours and there are no renewals
  • you must allow the 20 minute waiting period before re-checking out a laptop

** Accruing excessive Laptop penalty points caused by regular late returns will result in suspension of laptop privileges. In addition, leaving a laptop unattended and or damage to laptop are also reasons that eligibility for Laptop borrowing can be withdrawn. These items are very expensive and in small quantity and therefore, there is no leniency with regard to penalties.




The laptops are stored in the locked section under the Reserve desk counter. The key for the cabinet is stored in the cash drawer and it should only be unlocked when a laptop is requested for use.  Once the cabinet is unlocked it can remain that way for the rest of the day.  

  • Students must always return laptops directly to the Reserve desk worker – not in the book drop.
  • If a Laptop is left unattended on the counter or if you see one in the library unattended and not secured bring it to a staff person immediately. DO NOT check it in.
  • Be sure to check in all parts and return them to the cabinet for safe storage.
  • If there is damage or one of the parts is missing DO NOT CHECK IT IN.

Do not leave laptops on the floor or around the desk. Once it is checked in, return the laptop to the cabinet.    

Laptops must be returned at least 30 minutes before the library closes. Be sure to check that all laptops and their pieces are stored and lock the cabinet. After the cabinet is locked return the key to the cash drawer for safe keeping.

If there are any questions or problems with the laptops direct the student to a staff person. Do not attempt to ‘fix’ or adjust the desktops or parameters in any way.


N.B. Once the laptop is shut down, all documents are automatically deleted and cannot be retrieved.