Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever wanted to know about booking reserve items

What if a patron wants to book a reserve item?

1. Scan the patron's barcode

2. Click on "Bookings" Tab

3. Click on "Add Booking"

4. Locate the specific item by supplying title, barcode, or whatever information you have and select the appropriate copy

5. Click on "Book Selected Item"

**It is a good idea to take note of if there are any other bookings listed for the requested item. Make sure the item is not already booked for the time period requested by the patron as this will cause problems later on in the process.

6. Double click in the  "Wanted From" field to get the calendar field and select the appropriate day. Then enter the desired time. The "Wanted To" information should fill in automatically. If it doesn't, enter the information manually.

**Help! There's an error message!

If you receive an error message saying "Item is booked during period" (as reproduced below), it means that the booking you are trying to process overlaps with another booking. The overlap in time frame can be as little as one minute to produce this error.* If this error occurs, simply ask the patron if there is another time that they would like to take out the book.

*For example, if a book is booked from 3:00-4:00PM and you try to make a booking from 3:59-4:59, you will receive this error.