Frequently Asked Questions

What if a patron wants to make copies (location, cost and cards)?

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the photocopier:

Where is the photocopier?

    • The photocopier is to the left of the Honors section on the first floor (near the lost and found table and the elevator)

How much does it cost to make a copy?

    • Copies cost 15¢ per page without a copy card
    • Copies cost 10¢ per page with a copy card

**The copier will accept cash, coins or cards.

How much does a copy card cost?

    • A copy card costs $1.00 - make sure to record the sale of a copy card on the cash log!

How can a patron add money to their copy card?

The patron can add money to the copy card by using the machine located next to the copier. Make sure to explain the following:

    •  All of the money they put into the machine will be added to the card - they will not receive change. 
    • They should never put more than $20.00 on their card (if they do, the machine won't read it).

**Please encourage patrons to write their names on the back of the copy card.