Frequently Asked Questions

All you ever wanted to know about visitors

Visitors: How do I scan an ID?

1. Ask Library Guest for a photo ID (driver’s licence, state ID, student ID etc) - find out which visitors need their ID scanned here.

**Please make sure that the visitor has signed into the guest book before giving them a computer login!

2. Double click on the AmbirScan icon

3. Click the green Scan button on the right side of the screen

4. You will be prompted to insert the ID. Make sure to insert the ID face down. 

Click OK and gently push the ID into the scanner until you feel it start to pull through.

6. A new window will open and as the ID scans it will appear in the window.

7. When the scan is complete, click the red Done button.

8. Double click on the Library Guest Scan folder on the desktop

9. Highlight the name part of the PDF you just scanned and change it to the Library Guest Patron's last name [from the ID you scanned]


10. Drag and drop the PDF into the correct Month folder

11. Drag and drop the PDF into the correct Week folder

12. Give the patron the Guest Login and explain the following:

    • Printing costs 10 cents per page and should be paid for at the circulation desk
    • The Guest account will automatically log out at 10pm (on weekdays) and 6pm (on weekends), so save well before that time
    • They may be asked to move if Swarthmore students need computers