This pandemic-shortened 12-week course focuses on well-known and newly recognized fiction-writers important for this period: Sui Sin Far, L. Frank Baum, Jack London, Willa Cather, Ernest Hemingway, Anita Loos, Dashiell Hammett, and Zora Neale Hurston.
There will be attention to innovations in the novel as a flexible and varied literary form, and to the ways in which these writers engage with their historical context, particularly regarding issues of immigration, race, redefinitions of gender roles, the rising influence of new commercial media, and contestations over the meaning of “American.”

20th/21st c.
GATEWAY English Literature. Open to any student without prerequisite.
1 credit. This will be a hybrid course (it will have some optional in-person sessions using safety measures). Students who prefer to take the course entirely online may do so. More details are on the syllabus.
Fall 2020. Schmidt.

ENGLISH 52A as a Tweet
A menagerie, not a survey. You’ll encounter a wolf, a war, a gold-digger, a neighbor named Rossicky, a Maltese falcon, and a hurricane. Plus great characters & a primer on how to read.