The Step aerobics class is a 90-minute work out equally divided into a step aerobics routine and a set of core and balance exercises. The goal for this class is to provide the participants with a combined cardiovascular and core strength workout. It also integrates exercises designed to promote focus, balance and flexibility that are based on multiple types of practices including the exercises that have evolved from the original Pilates method, which Joseph Pilates developed around 1914. It is designed for all levels of fitness conditioning.
Evaluation is based entirely on class participation. In order to pass the class, students must stay the whole time and not miss more than three classes.
Required Attire:
Comfortable clothing (gym attire) and aerobics or running sneakers are required.
Class Procedure:
- Warm-up: 10 minute of upper and lower body movements to progressively increase the body temperature and to reduce muscle stiffness.
- Step aerobics: Approximately 35 minutes of step routine designed to improve coordination, balance and to increase heart rate within individual target area.
- Strength and Focus exercises: 35 minutes of core-based exercise in order to develop strength, balance and improve flexibility.
- Cool down and Stretching: 10 minutes of movements and breathing exercises designed to promote relaxation, increase flexibility, and reduce soreness.
Course Emphasis:
Basic awareness of balance, flexibility and core muscles. Safety precautions

Basic awareness of the body physiology