This course provides a survey of issues in education within an interdisciplinary framework. In addition to considering seminal learning theories that have shaped American education, the course explores major historical, psychological, and sociological questions in American education and discusses alternative policies and programs. Students examine these topics through reading, writing, discussion, and hands-on activity, including a school fieldwork placement. The course provides an opportunity for students to explore their interests in educational policy, student learning, and teaching.

The goals of the course are to:
• continually engage in creating a democratic teaching and learning community
• to introduce students to concepts, questions and theories related to educational processes, institutions and issues
• develop a range of frameworks for thinking about educational processes, institutions and issues.
• expose students to topics seen in middle and upper level courses in Educational Studies.
• develop students as writers within the social sciences.
• prepare students as critical and reflective observer-participants in educational settings.
• prepare students to be consumers of, audiences for, and participants in educational processes and institutions.