FMST 002 is an introductory course in the craft of media arts production, building on the technical, conceptual and theoretical skills needed to continue at more advanced levels. In this course we will explore the aesthetics and mechanics of shooting digital video, the role of sound and how to record and mix it, and how to develop a project from concept to fine cut. Course work will include collaborative and individual production projects, readings and written assignments, which will address a range of narrative, documentary and experimental approaches to the moving image.

We will investigate different modes of production, diverse visual strategies and apply those to several camera and sound exercises, short production assignments, and one final project.
This is a writing workshop. Almost all of the coursework will be writing and responding to screenplays, assigned readings on screenwriting and films.

Each Week one or two students are responsible for bringing in 3-4 questions or comments about the reading as the foundation for the class discussion.

What You Will Do: You will complete written exercises, a synopsis, an outline and at least two drafts of a screenplay approximately 12-15 pages in length.

REQUIRED READING: Writing Short Films: Structure and Content for Screenwriters-2nd Edition by Linda J. Cowgill