“Painting 1: Drawing into Painting” is a foundation course that provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to learn the basic language of drawing and painting. Throughout the semester, students will learn from observation methods (still-life, Plein-air, and figure drawing) while becoming adept at translating physical and lived experiences onto two-dimensional surfaces. In “Drawing into Painting,” there will be an emphasis on drawing practices that aid and expand one’s understanding of painting principles. In addition to learning various technical elements of drawing and painting, this course will also privilege experimentation. Students will work with various materials and methods of exploration. This is a studio-based course, and students should be comfortable working together to maintain a safe, clean, and productive workspace for everyone.
Alongside this practice-based engagement, there will also be lectures and facilitated class discussions to broaden an understanding of historical and contemporary approaches to drawing and painting. Class-led conversations and critiques are meant to aid in developing critical thinking skills and adeptness in analyzing artworks. All materials will be provided for this course.