What does it mean for a group of bodies to move as one? When did this become a valued element of ensemble dancing in western theatrical dance? In this course, students will examine mass dancing as an idea, through theories of the chorus and the mass, as well as in practice, through viewings of mass dancing ranging in contexts ranging from the corps de ballet to the chorus line to the flash mob.

For most classes you will have a viewing and a reading. When possible, viewings will be linked both historically and thematically with discussion in readings but given the proliferation of high-quality digital media in recent years, some viewings will relate only thematically, rather than chronologically, to material discussed on a given day.

Given the time constraints of J-Term, this class will be primarily process-based. Together will we explore and interpret materials. Most of your work will be spread over the course of the J-Term rather than culminating in a final research project. The exception to this rule is your book review, but you will be graded in part on the submission of a full draft of the book review prior to final submission.