hwk2.1 - due Tues 2/5

Bretscher 1.2 #37,38,41
webwork2 #1-6

Bretscher 1.3#6,7,25,52,60,66

Prove algebraic properties 4 and 5 from today's lecture.


Lilac bush revisited: Suppose you plant another lilac bush that grows according to the same rules as the one from class.  This new bush starts with 2 new branches and 1 old branch.
a. Find the state of this lilac bush for its first 10 years.  I suggest that you use the mathematica notebook posted on Moodle, with very minor modifications.  If you really don't want to use mathematica, I suggest that you use some other piece of technology to help (many graphing calculators handle matrices).
b. For each state in a, compute the ratio of the first and second entry.  What do you notice?